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In "Protect Your Kids!" the author uses his experience in surviving violent attacks along with a treasure trove of training to help others survive and be safe. The reader will find what parents and children both need to know to lessen the chance of children being a victim of sexual abuse and physical attacks.

The book explains the 40% statistic, which when understood, can help parents save children from sexual abuse. How knowing three simple facts can cut the chance of children being abused by 50% is explained, as is how to stop bullying dead in its beginning tracks. Children's self-defense issues and what type of people to be wary of and to stay clear of, is covered.

"Protect Your Kids!" helps parents and caretakers understand what they must do to help save their kids and also how they can teach their children to stay clear, and handle the perverts and predators who look for children to use and abuse.

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Drawing on his professional experience in helping women learn self-defense, author Steve Kovacs offers a practical, encouraging guide for women in Protect Yourself: The Simple Keys Women Need to be Safe and Secure. Most women's safety guides cover the specifics of fighting off attackers. But Protect Yourself focuses on commonsense strategies women can implement daily. By taking certain precautions and adapting specific behaviors, women can greatly increase their chances of avoiding violence.

A former police officer who himself was a two-time victim of violent crime at a young age, Kovacs offers a practical approach to learning self-defense and discusses key issues: What criminals look for. Home security. Safety while on the go. Tools to protect women. Defending yourself in an attack. The real foundation for women's self protection is the ability to identify certain attitudes, behaviors, and universal truths. Understanding these concepts is simple yet essential to helping women of all ages in developing characteristics and thinking patterns that will enable them to lead safer, more empowered lives. Don't become a victim of violence – let
Protect Yourself: The Simple Keys Women Need to be Safe and Secure teach you to protect yourself!

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